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Ian Kelley/Hurricane Ridge Retrievers

  I have been using typhoon whistles for about a month now every day.
         I am very rough on any gear I use.
Outside of a black scuff mark from hitting it on who knows what, it looks the same as it did the day, I took it out of the box. The glue that holds the whistle in the cone is very solid and is showing no signs of coming lose. 5/5 stars for durability.
            It may be the loudest most sharp whistle I've used. Getting a dog to stop in running water…. No problem. Getting a dog to stop at 300….. no problem. It projects very well and does exactly what its supposed to do. If they are not sitting on a whistle its not because they can’t hear this one. I'm ordering backups as soon as i finish writing this review!! You will not be disappointed.

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